Investing For A Better Tomorrow

BYSL Global brings together decades of generational business experience, capital and knowledge to invest in sustainable industries.





BYSL Global operates multiple retail franchises - from high end luxury brands to mid market fast fashion labels.  



TEXTILE - A core strength of BYSL Global is in the Textile Industry. Considered to be the international experts in the field of textile, BYSL Global parters with the most renowned textile producers across China, India, South Korea, Pakistan and Bangladesh to manufacture some of the best and finest quality textiles in the world.  

APPAREL - BYSL Global has vast technical know-how and an in-depth focus in apparel manufacturing. With state of the art production facilities and substantial resources dedicated to intensive R&D, BYSL Global develops and manufactures high quality apparel for international fashion brands.

Real Estate


The most rewarding investments in Land and Real Estate require foresight, discipline and an exceptional ability to recognize patterns of market dynamics. BYSL Global knowledgeably makes selective investments in potentially valuable properties through a well established network of brokers.




What's Next?

BYSL Global is a fast growth company built on a forward thinking culture of learning, teamwork and integrity embracing change and fueling innovation.


Advanced Education

An advanced education model is one that is progressive in terms of intellectual, spiritual and societal development empowering people with true knowledge, greater understanding and comprehensive skills. The mainstream education model that we have today is failing in the fundamental purpose of learning. We have to rethink and redefine the outcome of education and create a framework of learning that is truly empowering. 

Next Generation Infrastructure

The infrastructure that we have today will be rendered obsolete for the advanced mega cities of tomorrow. We have to build functional, livable cities and eco-friendly industrial parks that can accommodate an ever increasing number of urban people and commercial establishments in a healthy and sustainable way.

Alternative Energy

Alternative energy is any form of energy that is an alternative to fossil fuel, which is a traditional source of energy. The alternative forms of energy that exist today are still in their infancy and require further development for mass consumption. For them to be widely accepted and commercially viable they have to be efficient, cost effective and easily accessible. We have to build a world dependent on alternative energy for a sustainable future.