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BYSL Global Technology Group stands on four core values regarded as the fundamental ideological constants to govern the organization. The chronology of these values has been arranged on the basis of priority.

Our core values are our constants, our guidelines for everything we do.

Principles & Beliefs

BYSL Global's principles - honesty, integrity, and permissibility - are derived from Islamic principles. Honesty dictates individuals to be true to not only others but also to themselves. Integrity goes even further than that; it implies the purity of soul and intentions achieved through strong moral and ethical beliefs. The strength of faith, trust, and strong belief in the organization is expected to be emitted through the powerful character and noble manners of BYSL Global's employees.

Furthermore, the belief system based on the purpose, mission, vision, and core values of the organization, in its success and prosperity in the long term, should act as a constant source of motivation, confidence, and a driving force for the employees.

All stakeholders and employees are expected to commit to these ideological constants with the highest level of sincerity and belief.

Customer Experience & Satisfaction

Enhancing customer satisfaction remains central to BYSL Global's business approaches. Customer satisfaction is a constant effort leading to a never-ending pursuit of exceeding customers’ expectations. To enrich customer experience, the organization takes special care in improving every mode of communication and interaction with the customers. Our commitment to customers is reflected through providing them with exceptional products and services, and creating unparalleled impressions at all levels of their journey.

Exceptionalism & High Standards

BYSL Global adopts the term 'Exceptionalism' to mean being different from the norm, what is common and ordinary, in a superior way. This concept is finely in tune with the organization's mission to serve the world with exceptional products and services. We promote exceptionalism in every aspect of our business institution and maintain high standards in everything we do. The standard of something is relative, and high standards are ensured in relation to the particular industry, market, product, or service.

In other words, whatever we do, we must do it differently and better than our peers or competitors.

Employee Wellbeing & Team Spirit

Employee well-being has been one of the key focuses of BYSL Global. It is more than ensuring financial and career growth of the employees, the organization cares about the employees’ spiritual and psychological upliftment as well. A state-of-the-art working environment is ensured to inspire creativity and innovation. Strong team support and fairness of administrative and management policies fulfill the fundamental requirements for employee well-being.

Team spirit springs from how efficiently, responsibly, and respectfully the team members treat, hear and cooperate with one another. The organization focuses on building a psychologically safe atmosphere for enhancing team spirit so that teams can innovate faster, achieve higher productivity, manage risks and find better solutions to problems.


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