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Food Service Industry

Balance agility and strength through next-gen FoodTech solutions

From Big Data management, customer engagement, to networking, monitor and access management, we provide advanced tech solutions to our partners in the food and beverage industries across the globe to achieve higher performance, greater expertise and faster growth.


Building a complete cloud-based digital infrastructure is key to meeting the continuous shifting demands of consumers especially in the food service industry. The faster a service provider technologically meets the increasing demands for drive through services, mobile and web orderings, and be able to deliver the menu in real time to the customers with full understanding and control of the data using AI and ML integrated analytics, the better it will be for the business to scale.

BYSL Global enables businesses in the food service industry to access actionable insights from the data they receive from various channels by utilizing advanced analytics engines, making it easier to analyze, process, store, visualize and collect data conveniently. At the same time, we create windows for different brands to deploy different kinds of relevant applications irrespective of variety, velocity and volume of data. We provide flexible database solutions for partners to innovate through managing and provisioning code, infrastructure while receiving regular updates.

Problem & Solution

High competition among the logistics-enabled platforms

Restaurants, in the post-pandemic age, are locking horns with more agile forms of logistics-enabled online platforms with greater need for solutions for order, customer and fulfillment management services. Real time interactions with the customers, real time order tracking and predictive analytics for delivery delay are some of the most demanding needs of the time. There’s also a greater need for the aggregation of data and technology to enable better experiences for customers.

Intelligent applications to aggregate data and technology

We empower our partners with the ability to develop highly interactive, intuitive, flexible and logistics-friendly web applications that allow them to engage and interact with the customers and track their orders in real time. Service providers can easily control the pace and predictability of delivery as our technology helps them detect the location of every rider in real time. Our advanced analytics enable our partners to get accurate readings as to how long it might take to prepare the foods and fulfill the orders. Our applications help our partners leverage the power of data to create better customer experiences.

Simple deployment

Flexible customization options

Easy integration

AI/ML-based insights

Complex inventory management

The food service business is affected by several inventory management challenges such as space management, perishability, scheduling, and assembly. As a result, there is a lot of waste and a lot of rework, which have a direct impact on the profit margins.

Digital infrastructure affecting customer experience

The customer’s journey through all the points of ordering and delivery remains central to the growing digital food service marketplaces as much as the hybrid companies who have physical stores along with an online one. However, the planning, design and thinking going behind the architecture of the digital platforms directly affect the outcome. This has become one of the major challenges for such companies.

Food loss and waste

This industry is very susceptible to changes with the climate and is already undergoing disruptions. About one-third of greenhouse gas emissions are responsible for the food service industry. This sector is extremely water and energy intensive as well. Maintaining the adaptability of food systems and reducing emissions will be major concerns for businesses as regulations get stricter and consumers become more concerned with the environment.


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