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Manufacturing Industry

Secure, agile and scalable cloud solutions for manufacturing

Powering the manufacturing leaders to maximize digitization of processes and operations utilizing comprehensive cloud-based solutions powered by ML, data analytics and IoT.


Why rely on our solutions

The advent of Industry 4.0 instrumentalizing automation in all aspects of manufacturing has simplified the communication and coordination of data along the value chain. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), on the other hand, enabled the manufacturers to harvest data and translate it into useful information. The manufacturing industry is now more dependent on the use of Big Data and connecting it to the physical operations of manufacturing using various sensors, applications and devices.

Our relentless pace of innovation keeps our manufacturing partners on the forefront of technology. With cloud-based serverless digital architecture, an ecosystem of microservices and flexible costing strategy for our partners to realize digital transformation at every phase of the value chain, we open up new possibilities for solving complex design problems, running engineering simulations on cloud, achieving workflow automation in operations and supply chain and many more.

The problems we found in manufacturing industries



Optimizing IT and OT costs

Today’s manufacturing businesses are faced with higher spending obligations for not just the physical facilities, machinery and workforce, but they also have to allocate a handsome budget for developing infrastructure for the information and operational technologies. The operational and maintenance costs for such technologies is considerably high. Besides, the level of dynamism, optimization and capacity required for such infrastructures require continuous advanced research and development practices which is often not a great cost-effective option for most businesses.

Unlocking the potential of data

IIoT and Industry 4.0 strategies built by manufacturers around the world require extensive optimization to be harnessed and used. Data visualization, optimization, analytics and forecasting are highly valued in almost all manufacturing sectors including the smart manufacturing, engineering and design, supply chain management, smart product innovation etc. Due to lack of adequate technological infrastructure and a sound cloud support, it is getting increasingly difficult for manufacturers to unlock the true potential of data.

Building a smart manufacturing infrastructure

Digital transformation to an intelligent, connected manufacturing facility or plant requires a wide range of devices, equipment and systems. It also requires a robust digital infrastructure allowing seamless integration of a wide range of applications and processes to a centralized system which is essential for smart manufacturing. Manufacturers often lack the level of specialization, manpower, and the right equipment to develop such a system of their own.

Cybersecurity risk

As automation gets streamlined across the manufacturing industry, so are cybersecurity risks, which pose a substantial threat of monetary losses. The core fields in cybersecurity include identity and access management, infrastructure protection, detective controls, data protection, and compliance and for most businesses it is difficult to remain updated in every point of vulnerability. That is why it is always wise to employ a dedicated security protection provider to ensure complete cybersecurity for the digital infrastructure.


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